Public Hearing - April 7, 1989

Public Hearing of the U.S. Sentencing Commission

Friday, April 7, 1989
Ceremonial Courtroom, United States Courthouse
Washington, D.C.



William W. Wilkins, Jr.

Chairman, U.S. Sentencing Commission


Anne Seymour
National Victims Center, Fort Worth, TX


Edward S.G. Dennis, Jr.
Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division
Department of Justice


Joseph B. Brown
United States Attorney, Nashville, TN


Sam Buffone
Steve Salky
American Bar Association


Jonathan Macey
Professor of Law, Cornell Law School




Tom Rendino
President, Federal Probation Officers Association


Benson Weintraub
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


Derek J. Vanderschaaf
Deputy Inspector General, Department of Defense


Morris Silverstein
Assistant l.G. for Criminal Investigation, Policy & Oversight


Catherine England
Cato Institute




Honorable Warren K. Urbom
United States District Court, Lincoln, NB


Honorable Vincent L. Broderick
United States District Court, New York, NY


Dan Freed
Professor of Law, Yale Law School


James l.K. Knapp
Acting Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division


Lucien Campbell
Federal Public Defender, San Antonio, TX


Larry Ribstein
Professor of Law, George Mason University


Philip Bartholomew
Senior Economist, Federal Home Loan Bank Board


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