Sentencing Practice Talk

Sentencing Practice Talk, a Podcast Series

Brought to you by the Office of Education & Sentencing Practice, Sentencing Practice Talk is a podcast series designed to inform those interested in federal sentencing on guideline application issues. Topics range from frequently asked questions on the HelpLine, to sentencing practice tips, to recent case law developments. The information presented is intended to aid those involved in federal sentencing in the proper application of the guidelines and relevant case law. It does not represent the official position of the Commission and should not be cited as such. Listeners are advised to conduct their own independent research.

List of Episodes (Latest Episodes First)

Episode 24: First Step Act - Case Law Update

Teachable Moments Series Episode 23, Part 5: Relevant Conduct in Economic Crimes Offenses

Teachable Moments Series Episode 23, Part 4: Grouping of Multiple Counts

Teachable Moments Series Episode 23, Part 3: Relevant Conduct in Drugs and Guns

Teachable Moments Series Episode 23, Part 2: Criminal History Implications for Immigration, Career Offender, Safety Valve, and First Step Act

Teachable Moments Series Episode 23, Part 1: Relevant Conduct in Sex Offenses and Other Crimes Against the Person

Mini-Series Episode 22, Part 3: Anticipated State Terms of Imprisonment, Other Undischarged Terms, and Discharged Terms

Mini-Series Episode 22, Part 2: Imposing a Sentence When the Instant Offense was Committed While Serving a Term of Imprisonment or When the Undischarged Term is Relevant Conduct

Mini-Series Episode 22, Part 1: Overview of §5G1.3

Mini-Series Episode 21, Part 3: Hacking, Phishing, Malware

Mini-Series Episode 21, Part 2: Bitcoin

Mini-Series Episode 21, Part 1: The Dark Web

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 11: Final Thoughts

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 10: Why Do I Care About Divisibility?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 9: What Does Divisibility Really Mean?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 8: Mathis and What It Tells Us About Divisibility

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 7: How Do I Determine if the Offense Qualifies Under the List of Offenses in the Enumerated Clause?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 6: Does this Statute Have an Element of Force?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 5: "Crimes of Violence" and "Violent Felonies" – What Do These Words Mean?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 4: Facts Don’t Matter and Neither Do Titles

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 3: When Do We Use It?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 2: What is the Categorical Approach, Anyway?

Mini-Series Episode 20, Part 1: Introduction to the Categorical Approach Series

Episode 19: The First Step Act of 2018

Episode 18: "Official Victim" in an Aggravated Assault Case

Episode 17: The "Aggravating Role" Adjustment in Misprision of a Felony Case

Episode 16: How Do Revocations Impact Career Offender Status?

Episode 15: What's the Guideline in a Drug Conspiracy Case That Resulted in More Than One Death?

Episode 14: How Do You Determine Loss in a “Black Money” Scheme?

Episode 13: What is the Effect of 18 U.S.C. § 924(c) on Weapons Enhancements?

Episode 12: What is a "Stipulation" as Defined in §1B1.2(a) and (c)?

Episode 11: More Grouping in Child Pornography Production Cases

Episode 10: The Interplay of Multiple Revocations on Criminal History Scores

Episode 9: Money Laundering & Safety Valve

Episode 8: Base Offense Level 6 or 7 in U.S.S.G §2B1.1?

Episode 7: Undischarged Terms of Imprisonment

Episode 6: Grouping in Child Pornography Production Cases

Episode 5: Grouping Drugs, Robbery, & Burglary

Episode 4: Grouping of Multiple Counts

Episode 3: Relevant Conduct Principles in Child Pornography Offenses

Episode 2: Base Offense Level for "Conspiracy" Offense

Episode 1: Revocations & Criminal History Points