Sentencing Practice Talk

Sentencing Practice Talk, a Podcast Series

Brought to you by the Office of Education & Sentencing Practice, Sentencing Practice Talk is a podcast series designed to inform those interested in federal sentencing on guideline application issues. Topics range from frequently asked questions on the HelpLine, to sentencing practice tips, to recent case law developments. The information presented is intended to aid those involved in federal sentencing in the proper application of the guidelines and relevant case law. It does not represent the official position of the Commission and should not be cited as such. Listeners are advised to conduct their own independent research.

List of Episodes

Episode 1: Revocations & Criminal History Points
Revocations can have a significant impact on criminal history scores. Learn how a revocation sentence can increase criminal history points and expand the time frame for calculating prior sentences. (Published September 2018)


Episode 2: Base Offense Level for "Conspiracy" Offense
What do the guidelines mean when they say “convicted of” a certain offense? Does that cover a conspiracy offense? Using a conviction under 18 U.S.C. § 1594(c) as an example, we will explain how to determine the base offense level under U.S.S.G §2G1.3. (Published September 2018)


Episode 3: Relevant Conduct Principles in Child Pornography Offenses
In child pornography offenses, there are different relevant conduct principles depending on the offense of conviction. This podcast will review how relevant conduct operates for these offenses. (Published September 2018)


Episode 4: Grouping of Multiple Counts
This podcast will review grouping principles for offenses under the same guidelines under U.S.S.G §3D1.2(d). (Published September 2018)


Episode 5: Grouping Drugs, Robbery, & Burglary
This podcast will cover grouping under U.S.S.G §3D1.2(c) using an example from a real helpline call involving drugs, a robbery, and burglary. (Published September 2018)


Episode 6: Grouping in Child Pornography Production Cases
This podcast will review grouping principles for multiple counts of production of child pornography offenses. (Published September 2018)


Episode 7: Undischarged Terms of Imprisonment
Undischarged terms of imprisonment can impact the way the court imposes a sentence. Learn how §5G1.3 operates as well as certain things to be mindful of. (Published September 2018)


Episode 8: Base Offense Level 6 or 7 in U.S.S.G §2B1.1?
This podcast will review how to determine the appropriate Base Offense Level at §2B1.1. (Published September 2018)


Episode 9: Money Laundering & Safety Valve
This podcast will review the application of the money laundering guideline, using an example in which the underlying offense is a drug trafficking offense and the defendant is safety-valve eligible. (Published September 2018)