Steroids Policy Team Report (March 2006) Prepared by the Steroids Working Group of the United States Sentencing Commission, this report sets forth legislative and guideline history pertaining to steroids offenses, discusses the Commission's response to legislation, and updates the findings in the Commission's 1990 Steroids Report.

Methamphetamine Final Report (November 1999) This is the final report of the Methamphetamine Policy Team regarding implementation of the Methamphetamine Trafficking Penalty Enhancement Act of 1998.

Food and Drug Working Group Final Report (February 1995) This update to a February 1994 report includes an overview of the food and drug guideline, §2N2.1, and the most commonly prosecuted crimes sentenced under it. The report provides a description and analysis of food and drug cases involving individuals sentenced under §2N2.1 in fiscal years 1991-93, and describes food and drug cases involving organizational defendants sentenced under pre-guidelines law.

Report of the Drugs/Role/Harmonization Working Group (November 1992) The purpose of the 1992 Drug/Role/Harmonization Working Group has been to re-examine the structure of the drug guideline (§2D1.1) in light of anecdotal and empirical evidence suggesting that sentences for certain drug trafficking defendants may be overly punitive.

Working Group Report on Drugs and Role in the Offense (November 1991) The Drug Working Group explored the relationship between the drug guidelines and role in the offense provisions, primarily mitigating role reductions (§3B1.2). The principal focus of the group has been to study sentencing practices in this area to determine: 1) whether there are definitional or other problems in the guideline language that can be improved by studying current sentencing of lesser role defendants; and 2) whether the importance of drug quantity in determining an offender's base offense level results in inappropriate punishment of "less culpable" offenders.

Drugs Working Group Report: Listed Chemicals (November 1990) Background report pertinent to the development of proposed sentencing guidelines for violation of the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act of 1988.