Alternative Sentencing in the Federal Criminal Justice System. (June 2015) As a supplement to the 2009 publication, this report examines more recent trends in the rates of alternative sentences and examines how sentencing courts use their discretion to impose alternative sentences.

Alternative Sentencing in the Federal Criminal Justice System. (January 2009) This publication provides an in-depth analysis of alternative sentences for federal offenders. It explains the types of alternative sentences available to sentencing courts under federal law, and the extent to which courts impose those sentences. The publication focuses on those offenders who are eligible for alternative sentences and the demographic and offense characteristics of the offenders who receive these sentences.

Proceedings from the Symposium on Alternatives to Incarceration. On July 14-15, 2008, the United States Sentencing Commission held a national symposium on alternatives to incarceration in Washington, D.C. The purposes of this symposium were to gather information regarding the use of alternatives to incarceration and to provide a forum for idea-sharing concerning possible implementation of non-incarceration sanctions in the federal system.

The Federal Offender: A Program of Intermediate Punishments (December 1990) Report from the Alternatives to Imprisonment Project.