Customizing, Saving, and Exporting IDA Data

Customizing, Saving, and Exporting IDA Data

The tables and figures from the Interactive Data Analyzer (IDA) are easily customizable! Every time you filter the data, IDA will create a custom set of tables or figures that reflect only the data you have selected. Whatever customizations you have selected will be displayed on the filter options on the left side of the page and at the bottom of each figure.

The tables and figures can be customized using one year of data or multiple years of data. If more than one year of data is selected, the data will be aggregated in the tables and figures, unless the figure displays trend data by year.

Using several filters at one time can result in a small number of cases in any particular table or figure. For example, when using numerous filters, it may be possible that some figures will display percentages or averages of a very small number of cases. The Commission cautions that analyses based on small populations may have limited informational value in discerning trends, generalizing to larger populations, or making other statistical observations.

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