Economic Crimes

Materials from the Symposium on Economic Crime. (September 18-19, 2013) In continuation of the Commission’s work on economic crimes, the Commission held a symposium to gather information from various stakeholders in the federal sentencing community on economic crime and the application of the §2B1.1 sentencing guideline.

Proceedings from the Symposium on Federal Sentencing Policy for Economic Crimes and New Technology Crimes. (October 12-13, 2000) The purposes of this symposium were to discuss sentencing policy for economic crimes generally, and to discuss the impact of new technology on investigating, prosecuting, and sentencing economic crimes.

A two-hour, public briefing (February 4, 1999) included staff presentations on the following topics:

Loss Definition Field Testing Report. (October 1998) In the summer of 1998, the Commission worked with the federal judiciary to field-test the Commission's proposed definition of "loss" for use in the theft and fraud guidelines. This report discusses the proposal, analyzes the results of the field test, and summarizes the comments made at the subsequent debriefing session attended by participants.

Proceedings from the Symposium on Corporate Crime. (September 7-8, 1995) This volume contains the proceedings of the Commission's second symposium in a series on crime and punishment. This symposium on corporate crime focused on the ways in which companies, industries, and enforcement officials have responded to the organizational sentencing guidelines' incentives and other changes in the enforcement landscape that encourage businesses to develop strong compliance programs.