Public Hearing - March 14, 1995

Public Hearing of the U.S. Sentencing Commission

March 14, 1995

Witness List


  • Dr. Arthur Curry

  • Francis Kay Meade

  • Dr. Robert Lantz, Families Against Mandatory Minimums

  • Renee Patterson

  • Juanita Hodges, Seekers of Justice, Equality, and Truth

  • Fredrick D.'Richardson, Society for Equal Justice

  • Nicole Isom

  • Patrick L. Brown

  • Judge Brenda Murray, National Association of Women Judges

  • Judge Patricia Wald, National Association of Women Judges

  • Judge Gladys Kessler, National Association of Women Judges

  • Ambassador Anthony C.E. Quainton, U.S. Department of State

  • Abraham L. Clott, Federal Public and Community Defenders

  • Jay Mccloskey, U.S. Department of Justice

  • Angela Jordan Davis, National Rainbow Coalition

  • Nkechi Taifa, American Civil Liberties Union, Committee Against the Discriminatory Crack Law

  • Mary Lou Soller, American Bar Association

  • James F. Wyatt, III, North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers

  • Lyle Yurko

  • Jack J. Tigue, Jr., New York Council of Defense Lawyers



  • Barry Taylor, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund

  • David Webber, National Association of People with AIDS

  • Ueffie Massey

  • Barbara Goodson

  • Isaac Jaroslawicz, The Aleph Institute

  • Julie Stewart, Families Against Mandatory Minimums

  • David Yellen, Hofstra University School of Law

  • Mary Shilton, International Association of Residential and Community Alternatives

  • Marvin Miller, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

  • Dr. Nancy Lord, Lawyers for Liberty

  • Lennice Worth

  • Robert Kampia, Marijuana Policy Project

  • Ed Rosenthal, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

  • Peggy Edmundson

  • Jeff Stewart

  • David Boaz, Families Against Mandatory Minimums

  • Reverend Andrew Gunn

  • Teresa Aviles