Obstruction of Justice

The guidelines provide an enhancement if the defendant willfully obstructs or attempts to obstruct the administration of justice (§3C1.1).

Occupational Restrictions

Occupational restrictions may be imposed on a defendant as a condition of probation or supervised release.


Under the guidelines, the offense of conviction and all relevant conduct under §1B1.3. The term “instant” used in connection with “offense” may be used to distinguish a violation for which the defendant is being sentenced from a previous or subsequent offense that the defendant committed.

Offense of Conviction

The offense conduct charged in the indictment or information of which the defendant has been convicted.

Offense Level

The severity level of an offense, ordinarily determined in Chapters Two and Three of the Guidelines Manual, and reflected on the vertical axis of the Sentencing Table. In some cases (such as career offenders and repeat dangerous sex offenders against minors) the offense level is determined in Chapter Four.

One Book Rule

The “one book” rule requires the court to use the Guidelines Manual in effect on the date of sentencing unless the use of that manual would violate the Ex Post Facto Clause.


A written direction or command issued by a court or a judge.

Organizational Guidelines

Chapter Eight of the Guidelines Manual provides guidelines for the sentencing of organizations, including corporations. Prosecutions may involve both individual and organizational co-defendants.