Lack of Guidance as a Youth

Lack of guidance as a youth cannot be a basis for departure from the guidelines range (§5H1.12).

Lesser Harms

A departure provision that, in some situations, allows a reduced sentence in a case in which a defendant commits a crime to avoid a perceived greater harm (§5K2.11).

Local Ordinance Violations

Local ordinance violations (except those that are also violations under state law) are excluded from criminal history calculations (§4A1.2(c)(2)).


Loss is the greater of “actual” or “intended” loss. Actual loss is the reasonably foreseeable pecuniary (monetary) harm resulting from the offense. Intended loss is the pecuniary harm that the defendant purposefully sought to inflict but which did not cause actual loss in the amount intended.

Loss Table

A table containing graduated increases to a defendant’s sentencing range accounting for the pecuniary loss caused by the defendant’s crime. See §2B1.1(b)(1) .