2001 2d1_6

2001 Federal Sentencing Guideline Manual

§2D1.6. Use of Communication Facility in Committing Drug Offense; Attempt or Conspiracy

(a) Base Offense Level: the offense level applicable to the underlying offense.


Statutory Provision: 21 U.S.C. § 843(b).

Application Note:

1.Where the offense level for the underlying offense is to be determined by reference to §2D1.1, see Application Note 12 of the Commentary to §2D1.1 for guidance in determining the scale of the offense. Note that the Drug Quantity Table in §2D1.1 provides a minimum offense level of 12 where the offense involves heroin (or other Schedule I or II opiates), cocaine (or other Schedule I or II stimulants), cocaine base, PCP, methamphetamine, LSD (or other Schedule I or II hallucinogens), fentanyl, or fentanyl analogue (§2D1.1(c)(14)); and a minimum offense level of 6 otherwise (§2D1.1(c)(17)).

Background: This section covers the use of a communication facility in committing a drug offense. A communication facility includes any public or private instrument used in the transmission of writing, signs, signals, pictures, and sound; e.g., telephone, wire, radio.

Historical Note: Effective November 1, 1987. Amended effective November 1, 1990 (see Appendix C, amendment 320); November 1, 1992 (see Appendix C, amendment 447); November 1, 1994 (see Appendix C, amendment 505).