2011 National Seminar

Welcome Letter

Basic Individual Guidelines

Child Pornography and Sex Offenses

Criminal History

Drug Offenses

Economic Crimes: Loss Determination and Other Issues

Firearms Offenses

Grouping of Multiple Counts of Conviction

Guideline Departures and Variances Outside the Range

Immigration Offenses

Organizational Guidelines

Re-Entry Programs

Relevant Conduct

Restitution and Other Victim Rights Issues

Role in the Offense and Other Chapter Three Adjustments

Sentencing Ethics For Defense Attorneys & Prosecutors

Supervised Release: Imposition & Revocation

Supreme Court and Circuit Case Law Summaries

Selected Post-Booker and Guideline Application Decisions



If you have questions relating to the availability of any of the training documents listed, please feel free to contact the USSC Training Coordinator at (202) 502-4637.