Amendment: Section 3B1.4 is deleted in its entirety as follows:

"§3B1.4. In any other case, no adjustment is made for role in the offense.


Many offenses are committed by a single individual or by individuals of roughly equal culpability so that none of them will receive an adjustment under this Part. In addition, some participants in a criminal organization may receive increases under §3B1.1 (Aggravating Role) while others receive decreases under §3B1.2 (Mitigating Role) and still other participants receive no adjustment.".

A new §3B1.4 (Using a Minor To Commit a Crime) is inserted in lieu thereof.

Reason for Amendment: This amendment implements the directive in Section 140008 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (pertaining to the use of a minor in the commission of an offense) in a slightly broader form by adding a new §3B1.4 (Using a Minor to Commit a Crime). The existing §3B1.4 (untitled) is deleted as unnecessary.

Effective Date: The effective date of this amendment is November 1, 1995.