Amendment: The Introductory Commentary to Chapter Three, Part B, is amended by beginning a new paragraph with the second sentence; and by inserting, immediately after the first sentence, the following:

"The determination of a defendant’s role in the offense is to be made on the basis of all conduct within the scope of §1B1.3 (Relevant Conduct), i.e., all conduct included under §1B1.3(a)(1)-(4), and not solely on the basis of elements and acts cited in the count of conviction. However, where the defendant has received mitigation by virtue of being convicted of an offense significantly less serious than his actual criminal conduct, e.g., the defendant is convicted of unlawful possession of a controlled substance but his actual conduct involved drug trafficking, a further reduction in the offense level under §3B1.2 (Mitigating Role) ordinarily is not warranted because the defendant is not substantially less culpable than a defendant whose only conduct involved the less serious offense.".

Reason for Amendment: This amendment clarifies the conduct that is relevant to the determination of Chapter Three, Part B, and clarifies the operation of §3B1.2 in certain cases.

Effective Date: The effective date of this amendment is November 1, 1990.