Amendment: Section 2B1.2(b)(5)[formerly (b)(4)] is amended by deleting "organized criminal activity" and inserting in lieu thereof "an organized scheme to receive stolen vehicles or vehicle parts".

The Commentary to §2B1.2 captioned "Application Notes" is amended by inserting the following additional note:

"4. Subsection (b)(5), referring to an ‘organized scheme to receive stolen vehicles or vehicle parts,’ provides an alternative minimum measure of loss in the case of an ongoing, sophisticated operation such as an auto theft ring or ‘chop shop.’ ‘Vehicles’ refers to all forms of vehicles, including aircraft and watercraft. See Commentary to §2B1.1 (Larceny, Embezzlement, and Other Forms of Theft).".

Reason for Amendment: The purpose of this amendment is to clarify the coverage of a specific offense characteristic.

Effective Date: The effective date of this amendment is November 1, 1989.