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Criminal History

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For those new to the guidelines, follow up on what you already have learned. For veterans, dare to test your level of knowledge! Are you a guidelines genius? Or, have you been making the same mistakes for years? We’ll use commonly asked HelpLine questions and errors we encounter most often. No one is too experienced for this session!

This course addresses frequent pitfalls in the important area of Criminal History. For example, misapplication of the single sentence rule can result in a defendant having a higher criminal history score than that called for by the guidelines. Miscalculation of revocation sentences can lead to similar results. Sometimes a prior sentence doesn’t count because it is considered part of the instant offense. Learn how to avoid these and other common mistakes. An understanding of basic criminal history rules is recommended. We highly encourage those new to federal sentencing to complete the short, scenario-based courses online titled “Basic Criminal History” and “The Single Sentence Rule.”

The following quick reference materials cover various aspects of the criminal history guidelines.

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