Case Law Quarterly


We will be retiring the Case Law Quarterly following the final issue published on January 18, 2022.
Look for a brand new interactive case law product scheduled for release in Spring 2022!

Current Edition: Volume 5, Issue 3 (October - December 2021)

Case Law Quarterly provides brief summaries of select appellate court decisions issued each quarter of the year that involve the guidelines and other aspects of federal sentencing. The list of cases and the summaries are not intended to be comprehensive. Instead, this document summarizes only a few of the relevant cases, focusing on selected sentencing topics that may be of current interest. The Commission’s legal staff publishes this document to assist in understanding and applying the sentencing guidelines. The information in this document does not necessarily represent the official position of the Commission, and it should not be considered definitive or comprehensive.

Volume 5: 2021

Volume 4: 2020

Volume 3: 2019

Volume 2: 2018

Volume 1: 2017


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