Annual Report 2013

U. S. Sentencing Commission’s
2013 Annual Report

Table of Contents

U.S. Sentencing Commission - Year In Review
Chapter One - Commission Overview
  A Brief History of Federal Sentencing Reform
  Agency Overview
    Budget and Expenditures
Chapter Two - The Sentencing Guidelines and Other Policy Issues
  Reports to Congress
    Report on the Impact of United States v. Booker on Federal Sentencing
    Report on Penalties for Child Pornography Offenses
  Amendments Promulgated
    Trade Secrets
    Pre-Retail Medical Products
    Counterfeit and Adulterated Drugs; Counterfeit Military Parts
    Circuit Conflicts
    Miscellaneous and Technical Amendments
  Assistance to Congress
Chapter Three - Legal Issues
  United States Supreme Court Cases on Criminal Justice Issues
    Petitions for Certiorari Granted
  Decisions of the United States Courts of Appeals
    Reasonableness and Constitutional Issues
    Categorical Approach
    Crack Cocaine Resentencing
    Child Pornography
    Safety Valve
Chapter Four - Guideline Training and Education, Public Affairs
    Annual National Seminar on Federal Sentencing Guidelines
    Organizational Guidelines Training
    High-Tech Approaches to Training
    Temporary Assignment Programs
  Internet Website
  Public Information
  Publications and Training Materials
Chapter Five - Research
  Statutory Requirements
  Document Submission
  Data Collection
    Data Collection Issues
  Summary of 2013 Findings
    Sentencing Individual Offenders
      Offenders in Each Primary Offense Category
      Offender Characteristics
      How Offenders Were Sentenced
      Guideline Application
      Sentences Within the Guideline Range and Outside the Guideline Range
      Drug Cases
      Immigration Cases
      Death Penalty Cases
    Organizational Sentencing Practices
      Offense Characteristics
      Offender Characteristics
      Sanctions Imposed on Organizational Offenders
    Appeals Data
      Summary of Information Received
      Issues and Guidelines Appealed
      Overall Offense and Offender Characteristics
    Data on Resentencings and Other Modifications of Sentence
      Summary of Information Received
    Data Analyses for the Courts and Congress, and Others