Minutes from May 30, 1996

United States Sentencing Commission
Minutes of the May 30, 1996,
Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:37 a.m. by Chairman Richard P. Conaboy in the Commissioners' Conference room. The following Commissioners and staff participated:

Richard P. Conaboy, Chairman
Michael S. Gelacak, Vice Chairman
A. David Mazzone, Vice Chairman
Wayne A. Budd, Commissioner
Michael Goldsmith, Commissioner
Mary Frances Harkenrider, Ex Officio Commissioner
Edward F. Reilly, Jr., Ex Officio Commissioner
Paul K. Martin, Deputy Staff Director
John R. Steer, General Counsel
Paul Hofer, Director, Special Projects
Elizabeth McGrath, Director, Office of Monitoring
Donald A. Purdy, Chief Deputy General Counsel
Jonathan Wroblewski, Legislative Counsel

Commissioners Julie E. Carnes and Deanell R. Tacha participated via telephone.

Chairman Conaboy welcomed Karen Braje, a law clerk in the Office of the General Counsel, and AUSA Delonia Watson (N.D. TX), on temporary assignment to the Commission.

Chairman Conaboy, on behalf of the Commission, presented to various staff certificates for years in service to the federal government.

Motion made by Commissioner Budd to adopt the minutes of the April 10 and 29, 1996, meetings; seconded by Commissioner Mazzone. Passed unanimously.

Paul Hofer updated the Commission on the amendments and report required by the Sexual Crimes Against Children Prevention Act of 1995 and proposed Commission recommendations to Congress. He stated that a draft report would be ready by the next Commission meeting.

Commissioner Goldsmith, giving a general overview of the Intensive Study Sample, stated that resources would determine the extent of the project. Paul Hofer, describing the project, stated that detailed coding of additional information would be conducted on a five percent sample of cases sentenced in fiscal year 1995. Liz McGrath, reporting on the criminal history aspect of the project, stated that the information would be used to answer many simplification and assessment questions. She stated that a clean set of data should be ready for analysis by the Office of Policy Analysis by the end of July.

Andy Purdy reported that the Commission would be holding a regional hearing in Denver, Colorado on August 12, 1996. He stated that materials for the hearing are available from the Commission and on its web page on the INTERNET.

Jonathan Wroblewski briefed the Commission on recent congressional actions.

Commissioner Budd briefed the Commission on the working group on cocaine and federal sentencing policy and outlined a proposed strategy to address the issue.

Chairman Conaboy announced that working sessions were scheduled for June 10, July 17, and September 18, 1996. He stated that a Commission meeting was scheduled for September 19, with meetings tentatively scheduled for June 11 and July 18.

Paul Martin stated that the Commission has a new parking policy, the results from the Commission employee survey were distributed, and that the Commission is reviewing video conferencing in conjunction with the FJC and AO. He also thanked Sally Newman, the lead programer at the Commission, for her many contributions to the agency as she prepares to leave for a new job.

Chairman Conaboy adjourned the meeting into executive session at 11:16 a.m.




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