Public Comment from June 2, 2011

Public Comment Letters Received by the United States Sentencing Commission In Response to Request for Public Comment on Whether to Make the Amendment Implementing the Fair Sentencing Act Retroactive (see 76 FR 24960-24974)

June 2011

Letter from Senators Durbin, Leahy, Franken, and Coons
Letter from Members of the Congressional Black Caucus
Letter from Representative Smith, Senator Grassley, and other Republican Members of Congress
Letter from Senators Sessions, Grassley, and Cornyn to Attorney General Holder and the United States Sentencing Commission
Letter from the National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys
Letter from William W. Wilkins, Esq.
Letter from the Federal Public and Community Defenders
Letter from Families Against Mandatory Minimums
Letter from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Letter from Professor William VanDercreek, Florida State University College of Law
Letter from Dawn E. Worsley, Esq.
Sample Citizen Letters

View the agenda and written statements from the United States Sentencing Commission's June 1, 2011 hearing regarding retroactivity of its amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines implementing the Fair Sentencing Act.