U. S. Sentencing Commission
2004 Annual Report

Annual Report

Table of Contents

U.S. Sentencing Commission - Year In Review
Chapter One - Commission Overview
A Brief History of Federal Sentencing Reform
Agency Overview
Budget and Expenditures
Chapter Two - The Sentencing Guidelines
Guideline Amendments
    Amendments Promulgated
Congressional Directive and Interest Amendments
  Amendments Addressing Issues of Commission Interest
  Policy Teams
Drug Policy Team
Hazardous Materials Policy Team
Homicide and Assault Policy Team
Immigration Policy Team
MANPADS Policy Team
Mitigating Role Cap Policy Team
Public Corruption Policy Team
Sex Offense Policy Team
Body Armor Policy Team
CAN-SPAM Policy Team
  Advisory Groups
Practitioners Advisory Group
Probation Officers Advisory Group
Organizational Guidelines Ad Hoc Advisory Group
Native American Ad Hoc Advisory Group
Assistance to Congress
Chapter Three - Legal Issues
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Sentencing Issues
Petition for Certiorari Filed
Decisions of the United States Courts of Appeals
Post-Blakely Sixth Amendment Decisions
Firearm Offenses
Sex Offenses
Immigration Offenses
Vulnerable Victim
Use of a Minor
Obstruction of Justice
Safety Valve
Downward Departures
Upward Departures
Circuit Conflicts Resolved by the Commission
Chapter Four - Guideline Training and Education
Internet Web Site
Public Information
Publications and Training Materials
Training New Appointees
Thirteenth Annual National Seminar on Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Circuit and District-Based Guideline Education
Organizational Guidelines Training
"High-Tech" Approaches to Training
Calls Received in 2004
Temporary Assignment Programs
Chapter Five - Research
Statutory Requirements
Document Submission
Data Collection
Data Collection Issues
Summary of 2004 Findings
Sentencing Individual Offenders
Offender Characteristics
Organizational Sentencing Practices
Changes from Prior Annual Reports
Overall Organizational Data for Fiscal Year 2004
Appeals Data - Introduction
Overall Summary of Information Received
Offense and Offender Characteristics
Sentencing Data for Cases Sentenced Between October 1, 2003, and June 24, 2004
Guideline Cases Pre-Blakely
Guideline Application Pre-Blakely
Departures and Sentences Within the Guideline Range Pre-Blakely
Drug Cases Pre-Blakely
Immigration Cases Pre-Blakely
Organizational Sentencing Practices Pre-Blakely Data
Offense Characteristics in Pre-Blakely Cases
Offender Characteristics in Pre-Blakely Cases
Sanctions Imposed in Pre-Blakely Cases
Appeals Data Pre-Blakely
Summary of Information Received, Pre-Blakely Cases
Issues and Guidelines Appealed Pre-Blakely
Sentencing Data for Cases Sentenced Between June 25, 2004,
and September 30, 2004
Guideline Cases Post-Blakely
Guideline Application Post-Blakely
Departures and Sentences Within the Guideline Range Post-Blakely
Drug Cases Post-Blakely
Immigration Cases Post-Blakely
Organizational Sentencing Practices Post-Blakely Data
Offense Characteristics in Post-Blakely Cases
Offender Characteristics in Post-Blakely Cases
Sanctions Imposed in Post-Blakely Cases
Appeals Data Post-Blakely
Summary of Information Received, Post-Blakely Cases
Issues and Guidelines Appealed Post-Blakely
Data Analyses for the Courts and Congress